Chapter Meet

Chapter Meet is a formal meet for our alumni. It is primarily organized in five cities Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Chapter Meet is a platform for alumni to come and share their experiences and have discussions on corporate front.


It is an *informal event for our alumni* to make them realize that they are still the part of PUMBA. A reunion to revitalize their kinship of years and flourish them is our prime aim for organizing Nostalgia. *The entire campus glow with splendid charm to* welcome its alumni from all over the country. Leaving behind all the concerns of their corporate lives, our Alumni enjoy themselves to the apex. It is an opportunity for alumni to cherish and rekindle old memories.


As rays of light forms a part of sunshine and makes the sun glow brighter, same way every passing PUMBAite helps in beaming of PUMBA and becomes a ray of Smriti. *So to collect all the rays & spread the sunshine, Smriti- The yearbook* is designed by Alumni Relations Cell and is given to every passing PUMBAite as a momento to recall the magical days of PUMBA for life.


As every flower brought together makes a bouquet, similarly, every graduating PUMBAite makes Smriti beautiful. Published every year, Smriti is designed by the juniors and given as a small token of love to their seniors, to recall the magic days of PUMBA for life.


Every event is magnificent in its own way and so is Reminiscence!!! One the of the most memorable day @ PUMBA, Reminiscence is a get together meant exclusively for the batch that has completed 20 years of being an Alumnus. Hosting such event for our alumni is indeed a pleasure.

Alumni Driven Meet

Alumni Driven Meet is an event organized for the Alumni by the Alumni. Alumni Relations Cell helps in promoting & coordinating for the event. It is organized in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Alumni Driven Meet is a semi formal interaction between the alumni to revive their experiences.