Infrastructure and Facilities



The Departmental Library is spacious with ground floor and a mezzanine floor. Situated at the basement corner of the building, it is also very peaceful and luminescent. The collection is around 9000 books with also other holdings that of Journals, Newsletters, Project Reports, Thesis and Dissertations, CD’s, Newspapers and Magazines.

The collection of books has been classified as per the Dewey Decimal classification system. The circulation system is Open i.e. the students are allowed to enter the book stacks and choose.

The library plans to have all its systems automated, with an online catalogue for the students in the recent future.


Computer Dome

Department of Management Sciences (PUMBA) provides its students with a high speed advanced Wifi connection that's active for 24 hours. The students have uninterrupted access to  connectivity through the 414 acre campus. The computer dome houses branded computers and has dedicated lease lines providing connectivity throught University . The network is monitored and controlled through  Servers.

Apart from Wi-Fi connection, every classroom, syndicate room, administration cell, Activity Cells have separate network connectivity points.

IT Resources

Well equipped computer facilities with :

Dell Blade Servers
  • 3.0 Ghz. processor
  • 24 GB RAM
  • HOT Swapping
  • With Data Center
IBM XEON Servers
  • 3.0 Ghz. Dual processor
  • 10 GB RAM
  • HOT Swapping
HP Proland v6 Servers
  • 3.0 Ghz. Dual processor
  • 10 GB RAM
  • HOT Swapping
Operating Systems
  • Linux Server on Machines
  • Windows Server 2003,2008,2012
  • SQL Server 2010
Desktop ( IBM / HP / DELL)
  • Pentium-IV, 2.8 Ghz / i7 2.8 Ghz /i5 3.0 Ghz Processor
  • 512 MB / 4 GB and & GB MB RAM
  • 80/ 200 / 500 GB HDD
  • Optical Mouse
  • OS :Windows XP/ Linux and windows 7/8/10