Roles and Responsibilities

The Cultural Cell is responsible for the most crucial of events organized by the students’ body of PUMBA. We, a group of motivated individuals understand the importance of social and cultural activities in preparing students for real life and strengthening their personal skills hence we put in our greatest efforts to create a platform for our students to showcase their vibrant persona. . At PUMBA we embolden activities that not only teach students how to work for a common goal but also develop a sense of responsibility. Thus, increasing the level of confidence and teaching them how to co-operate and work with people in different conditions.

Throughout the year, students can take part in activities such as interdisciplinary courses, sports events, conferences and meetings on cultural issues, concerts, musicals and shows put on by students, art exhibits and much more. The Cultural team aims at giving all students the opportunity to be involved in culturally enriching activities, a chance to extend themselves and to grow in their area of expertise .At PUMBA we believe that the culture resides in the heart and soul of its students.